Sarah co-hosts the Pilot House podcast with her friend and fellow musician, Strangely Doesburg. They watch pilot episodes of popular TV shows, most of which they’ve never seen, and try to figure out where the show was going from there. Updates bi-weekly at, Apple Podcasts, and your favorite podcatcher!

Sarah has also been so fortunate as to be invited to appear as a guest on a number of podcasts. If you’d like her to lend her excellent radio voice and charming presence to your podcast, shoot her an e-mail.

Guest Appearances
Strangely & Friends (May 2019)
Advent Calendar House (December 2018)
Obsessed with Joseph Scrimshaw (March 2018)
Advent Calendar House (December 2017)
Shickers In Seattle (April 2014) [Audio no longer available]
The Best Pickles (December 2012) [Audio no longer available]