May 5, 2023: I just reconfigured my Bandcamp subscription, and made a bunch of out-of-print content available to subscribers! When you sign up at any level, you now get access to three singles, a covers album, and my first EP, in addition to downloads and unlimited streaming of everything that is publicly available in my store!

June 17, 2022: I just released a collaboration with UK singer-songwriter Courtney Visser as part of Bandcamp’s Juneteenth fundraiser: a cover of the classic American folk song “Poor Wayfaring Stranger.” In addition to Bandcamp donating 100% of their cut of all sales that day to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, we donated 50% of our sales to the Africatown Land Trust.

April 9, 2022: Season 5 of Pilot House is airing now! Along with my cohost, Strangely Doesburg, we watch and discuss pilot episodes of TV shows we’ve mostly never seen before, and try to judge where the show was heading from there. The theme for season five is Nick at Nite: all those classic ’50s and ’60s shows we grew up watching in syndication but never saw the beginnings of! Make sure you’re subscribed on your favorite podcatcher, or visit to stream all our past episodes!

Pilot House: A TV commentary podcast

March 30, 2020: I just released an audiobook of three original short stories, written and produced by me! Featuring narration by Strangely Doesburg and Philip Horrell, and incidental music by Sunnie Larsen, Molly Bauckham, Aaron J. Shay, and Phil Andrews of the Funk Rust Brass Band. Visit my Bandcamp store to stream the entire thing for free, or buy it if you’re able.

The Wedding Band and Other Stories: An Audio Collection

Just listen to these celebrity testimonials!

“Sarah possesses the wit, pluck, and encyclopedic pop culture references of a Joss Whedon character.”
Justin Velander-Holt

“That’s the biggest performance on the fewest strings I’ve ever seen.”
Chance McCauley

“Making you a mixtape would be like giving Stephen Hawking a solar system diorama.”
Rian Johnson

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